St Dalfour Face Cream (Day) – 30Gm


  • Helps skin appear lighter and feel softer
  • Healthy & Natural, no chemicals
  • Dalfour Beauty is considered the finest skin product on the Market. It works to reduce the appearance of all skin discoloration problems.
  • Dalfour day cream is botanically based, safe, natural, gentle and are especially effective on skin blemishes and freckles. Its advanced non-greasy formula keeps the skin appear clearer, moisturized and feel softer, helping to protect and prevent spots.
  • Acne marks are often visible for long periods and may be permanent but Dalfour day cream will help reduce or eliminate their appearance as it lightens dark pigmentation and brings back healthy, soft and clear skin.
  • Freckles & spots can increase from hormones, sun, or wind damage. Dalfour Beauty Cream contains carefully blended substances that helps clear skin of dark spots & freckles. Once the desired skin tone is achieved.


St Dalfour day cream removes the dark shades on the skin. It removes pimples and acnes from the skin. Age marks, acne scars, melisma and freckles are can be cured quickly with this cream. With regular use of St Dalfour day whitening cream, users can protect their skins from all kind’s external harms like, chemicals present in polluted air and water, and allergens. Process of use This cream is to be applied at evening after cleansing the skin thoroughly.

How To Use

Apply to the face and other areas exposed to sun.  Make sure to perform a preliminary skin test before applying to the whole face.